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Lunching in Bushwick: Mominette

Traveling to the boroughs is rather new to me. I’m the first to admit that I am not good at leaving the island of Manhattan. Over the last couple of years, my friends have been suggesting spots in Brooklyn, and as I keep trying amazing place after amazing place (Emily, La Vara, Battersby!!), the more I realize what I'm missing.

My favorite Maysville bartender, Dobey, suggested we try lunch at Mominette in his 'hood, and in the spirit of adventure, I agreed, even if it was the furthest out on the L train that I’ve ever been. You could easily miss this cute French bistro on this street, overshadowed by bodegas and discount stores; I certainly would never have found it if not for Dobey's suggestion. Andrew was the sole guy behind the bar when we entered, and he was not only our friendly barkeep, but also our friendly waiter!

I started with a glass of French bubbles (not champagne); this is one of those places where they just list the type of wine but not the vineyard or winery. I let it slide. The boys drank beer. If I drank beer, it would probably be the smarter choice. 

The menu consists primarily of French bistro fare. But Southern fried chicken or tomato mozzarella salad were random offshoots that made me go “hmmmm”. We decided to veer away from the less Frenchie things, even though the fried chicken seemed to be popular among the other diners.

The moules marinieres were definitely the table favorite. Plump mussels served in a classic white wine sauce with tons of garlic & shallots screamed for a crusty baguette to sop it all up with. Unfortunately, Mominette doesn't serve or have bread at lunchtime. Travesty especially since the owners of the restaurant also own a bread bakery down the street!

The mac & cheese (with bacon, of course) was luscious & indulgent, just as mac & cheese should be! Creamy with chunks of bacon and a crispy golden breadcrumb topping.

The bacon cheddar burger had a lot of potential with a good meatiness due to the brisket/ribeye blend from Pat LaFrieda, but the house made brioche bun just wasn’t the right vehicle. The bun plays such an important role in a burger, and this one was a disappointment. We obviously didn't let the bun go to waste; the cast aside bread was used to soak up the sauce from the mussels!

a good looking burger!cooked perfectly, but notice the bun

We had two sides: lamb sausage (eaten so quickly, I didn't even have a chance to photograph) and Brussels sprouts. The lamb sausage were just aight, but the Brussels sprouts with (more) bacon were excellent.

Despite being pretty stuffed by this point, when Andrew suggested dessert, I was all ears. The bread pudding dessert with vanilla gelato was AWESOME and definitely should not be skipped. 

Note: this place is CASH ONLY.



221 Knickerbocker Ave btwn Troutman & Starr Streets

Brooklyn (Bushwick)


Reservations available on OpenTable





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