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St. Paddy's Day Dinner: Emily

St. Paddy's Day dinner at a pizza joint in Brooklyn? It totally doesn't make sense. But that's why it totally DOES make sense! Rather than deal with the circus of wannabe Irish on St. Patrick's Day, we chose to eat incredibly delicious pizza!

Emily is a very loveable spot in Clinton Hill (right by the C train!) that is serving up some SERIOUSLY LOVEABLE FOOD. While we waited for the rest of the boys, Sergio told Mike the bartender that I wanted a tequila on the rocks. He recommended the very tasty Chinaco blanco and served it over a nice large ice cube with one lime (something green for St. Patrick's Day). It was so tasty that I finished it very quickly.

We were seated as soon as everyone arrived, and our server, Lisa, was adorable; when we asked for her favorite pizza, her response was, "This week, it's the Vodka. Last week, it was the Emzies" I'm sure I, too, would have a different favorite pizza every week if I worked here!

Earlier in the day, Sergio sent an email to us with a list of menu items that "all sound like things a Sergio would want." I think the only "problem" with Emily is that THE ENTIRE MENU sounds like things any one who likes food would want!

My favorite pizza was definitely the Colony. Delicious sauce, housemade mozzarella, pepperoni, pickled chiles and a touch of honey... it was pretty much perfect. The crust on all of the pizzas is thin and tasty and sturdy enough to hold all of the toppings. And these toppings just worked perfectly together.

I also really enjoyed the Emzies topped with tomatillo sauce, more of that mozzarella, house-cured Castelvetrano olives, onions, yellow peppers & cilantro. This was so interesting with a little kick from the tomatillo sauce and fresh with the cilantro & veggies. It just worked.

Before I get to the other pizzas, we need to get into the delicious Emmy burger. It is a recipe for success: dry-aged beef, melty Grafton cheddar cheese, charred onions, Emmy sauce on a sturdy pretzel bun. Plus it's served with awesome housemade fries and cornichons. We ordered it medium-rare, and ours was more like medium. Did that take away from it's deliciousness? Not at all.

Our server's favorite pizza, the Vodka, wasn't the table favorite. Next to the Colony, it was just a little plain, even with the hamminess from the Benton's ham. It should have been the first pizza we tasted. That said, we still ate the entire thing because it was still really good.

Our 4th and final pizza was their namesake pizza: the Emily! I wanted to love this pizza even before it came out: I love the story behind the restaurant (college sweethearts falling in love over pizza), and I love that truffle-specked sottocenere cheese. Unfortunately, I didn't fall in love with this pizza; the truffle flavor didn't come through for me, and it was a little sweet for my taste, even after sprinkling it liberally with red chile flakes. In the Whites category, I think I would've preferred the Lady Pizza Girl with ricotta, fontina, pickled chilies & herbs or the Uncle Ray with four cheeses + Benton's ham + SICHUAN OIL!!!

Even though the boys were all stuffed, we decided to try the mini Steve's key lime pie for dessert to share. Key lime pie is one of my faves, and I've been wanting to try Steve's key lime pie for a while. This was the only real miss for us at Emily. The key lime filling lacked tartness, and the crust to filling ratio was off (too much crust).

At the end of our meal, Deanna brought over four small glasses and poured us some of her HOMEMADE AMARETTO! I never thought I liked amaretto until I tried this one. DANG, it was awesome. The key lime pie was a miss, but this ended our meal at Emily on the perfect note. 

Thanks to Chef Matt and the entire Emily family for an awesome meal!



919 Fulton St between Clinton & Waverly (Clinton Hill)

Brooklyn, NY 11238





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